Heavenly Coconut Cocoa Balls with Diced Dates and Nuts


When trying to maintain a balanced diet, recipes for healthy snacks and treats are a must. You need something to sweeten your soul but, at the same time, prevent you from intaking artificial sugar. The best way to achieve that is to include diced dates in your recipes instead of sugar. Since these tasty fruits are naturally sweet, you can easily stay on the right track with your nutrition. 

Coconut cocoa balls are a delicious Indian treat you can freely eat, even in the evening, without feeling guilty. Moreover, they will be a great dessert addition for any occasion. Plus, they are easy to prepare since they do not involve any cooking!

In essence, the Coconut Cocoa Balls will unveil the versatile nature of Deglet Noor dates. Namely, you will see how a mix of a few nuts with diced dates can bring your diet game to the next level. In addition, the combination of cocoa and coconut will open a new taste for your palate. A heavenly blend of the right ingredients can do wonders for the sweet tooth, and you will no longer feel bad about craving luscious desserts. 

Not only is this treat easily prepared, but it also stays fresh for days in the fridge. It is a fantastic option for people with busy schedules who want to stay on track with their healthy diet.

Coconut cocoa balls are a great source of nutrients and are low in calories. So, the best part is that you will not worry about gaining weight when you want to treat yourself to something sweet. One ball equals 97 calories, including 1.4 g of fiber and 2.4 g of protein. Kartago dates are naturally sweet, meaning you will not intake any artificial sugar. Sounds brilliant? Let us dive into the recipe!

What you need 

For the balls: 

  • 1 cup Kartago diced dates
  • 2 tbsp finely chopped/ diced almonds 
  • 2 tbsp finely chopped/ diced cashews 
  • 2 tbsp finely chopped/ diced pistachios 

For the garnish: 

  • Cocoa powder 
  • Desiccated coconut 


First, combine the diced Deglet Noor dates with chopped almonds, cashews, and pistachios in a bowl and make sure they blend well. Then, divide the mixture into ten equal portions and make well-rounded balls. Use your hands to make the balls to ensure you get a nice shape. 

Once you make the balls, dip 5 of them in the desiccated coconut, and the other 5 in the cocoa powder. This way, you will get two different types of desserts with delicious tastes. 

Finally, you can serve the coconut cocoa balls immediately or store them in an air-tight container in the fridge. The Kartago dates do not contain any artificial sugar, so spoiling will not be your problem. The balls stay fresh for 20 days, meaning you will have a delicious treat whenever you crave something sweet.

Enjoy the versatility of diced dates and nuts, and do not feel guilty about treating yourself. As long as you include the right ingredients, you do not have to fear messing up your diet or gaining weight. Simply put, this amazing recipe is created to keep you healthy and fit!