Salted Caramel Cups

salted caramel cups

How to!?
Create the date caramel by blending 1 cup @Kartago_Dates with 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk. Melt 3/4 cup dark vegan chocolate. Spoon 1 Tbsp of the chocolate into muffin liners. Place into the freezer until hard. Spoon 1 Tbsp of the caramel on top of the hardened chocolate. Place back into the freezer. Spoon 1/2 Tbsp of the chocolate on top of the date caramel. Sprinkle with sea salt. Place into the freezer one last time.
Once hardened, remove from liners and enjoy! Store in the fridge.



Krista 🍌 Recipe Creator

Oragnic Tunisian Deglet Noor Dates (Pitted) 28oz


  • Ingredients: 100% Organic Deglet Noor Pitted Dates
  • Origin: The Djerid Oasis – Tunisia
  • Dates are not only a delicious, healthy snack, but also can be used in cooking and baking for bread, fruit and nut energy bar, oatmeal toppings, smoothie, and high sugar alternative such as syrups and caramels.
  • Deglet Noor dates are rich in iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous, calcium and vitamin B3. They are also very rich in fiber and helps with digestive health

Fixed shipping cost per unit: $8.00

Can also be found in 10oz size.


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