Characteristics of date palm trees in tunisia

Date palm trees in southwest Tunisia:

Date palm is the basic tree of the oasis system; it represents the core of the oasis agro system. It is characterized by a pseudo trunk called stipe, it can reach 30 to 40 m height. The date palm tree is a heterozygous and dioecious species, there is both male and female palms and in order to get a successful pollination, male and female palms must be in close proximity, so natural pollination by wind is only possible when the number of male individuals in an oasis is very large, which is not the case in the oasis of Tunisia. Farmers seek to obtain a high density of fruit-producing females, the number of male plants in an oasis varies between 2 and 6 maximums, so natural pollination must be replaced by artificial pollination, done by the farmers’ hand. The Tunisian oasis is rich in plant diversity in date palms. In the Tunisian continental oasis, more than 200 cultivars have been listed, the main ones are: Deglat Nour, Alig, Kenta, Akhouet, etc…  

date palm trees in Tunisia

  The Tunisian oasis contains more than 3,500,000 feet of various varieties with the predominance of the variety “Deglet Nour“, variety constituting the mainstay of the oasis economy and contributing significantly to the balance of trade of the country through exports. Kébili region in “Nefzaoua” contains more than 3 million date palms, or about 58% of national production, followed by Tozeur region (Djérid) with 31%. These two sets account for approximately 90% of the date palm heritage of the Tunisian oasis.  


Tunisia as a world leading exporters of dates:

Tunisia is the world’s leading exporter in terms of value. Tunisian dates capture 23% of the value of world trade. In 2013, exports reached 105.8 thousand tons for a value of 379.9 million dinars. The export effort being 53.8%. The sustainability and quality of production are linked to major constraints:

  • Irrigation water is the essential limiting factor.
  • Management difficulties (absenteeism, fragmentation, land problems, investment difficulties…).
  • The scarcity of qualified manpower.

Palm tree benefits:

Every part of the palm tree has great benefits: its fruits, its fibers, its nuclei, its fronds, its leaves, and its wicker, without mention the many materials that are extracted from the fruits and parts of the palm. Its fruits are rich in all the nutrients necessary for humans, including water, minerals, salts, vitamins and sugars.

Kartago dates are the best when eaten after breakfast, and the reason is that there are types of fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and other chemicals. It is known in the circles of folk medicine and modern medicine is the use of dates and wet in the treatment of constipation, as dates are among the highest plant food products containing soluble fiber. There are other indications for pregnant women and births to take dates for their benefit in the movement of the uterine muscle, stimulating the secretion of milk from the breast, and activating the body’s immune system.

Dates are a Vitamin Mine:

Dates are a mine of vitamins Dates are called a mine for the abundance of mineral elements they contain such as phosphorous, calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, sulfur and chlorine.

Organic dates are characterized by several health benefits, most notably that they are a liver tonic, laxative, and increase sexual strength, especially with pine nuts. It also treats the roughness of the throat. It is one of the most nutritious fruits for the body. And eating it on an empty stomach kills worms. It also acts as a tonic for muscles and nerves, a delay in aging, fights nervous anxiety, activates the thyroid gland, softens blood vessels, softens the intestines and preserves them from weakness and inflammation, strengthens the brain chambers, combats dizziness, blindness, laxity and laziness, diuretics, cleans the liver, and cleanses the kidneys.

Dates soaked are useful against coughing and bronchitis, while their fibers combat constipation, and their salts adjust the acidity of the blood that causes kidney stones, gall bladder, gout, hemorrhoids, and high blood pressure. Dates are only prohibited for obese people and diabetics. It is one of the best foods in cold and hot countries. It is easy to digest and is digested within about an hour.

In addition to the fact that dates are food, they are fruit, drink, candy, and medicine, and they are composed of 21% water, a large number of vitamins, 12% protein, 18% fats, 73% sugars, and 3% fibers. One kilogram of dates gives the same calorific value as a kilogram of meat, and three times as much as a kilogram of fish. It moisturizes the intestines and protects them from infections. It is rich in dextrose and cane sugar, and helps calm and psychological comfort, so it is prescribed for neurotic and irritable moods, and to get a full meal of dates, it is preferable to drink milk with it.  

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