Partnership with Ons Jabeur

Kartago is proud to announce its new partnership with Tunisian professional tennis champion Ons Jabeur who became our brand ambassador. Jabeur is the first Arab woman to reach the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam tournament. She is also the highest-ranked Arab player in WTA history. (#26)Our goal is to support our champion in the new

Why should you add dates to your everyday diet?

Are Dates fattening? Can eating dates stop sweets cravings? Do dates increase sugar levels? Does eating dates really have health benefits? So many questions have always been associated with dates’ consumption, as the majority of people tend to have second thoughts before eating this fruit. They usually neglect the fact that over the years, until

Kartago dates

Kartago brings you the most appreciated variety of dates in the world, the peerless Deglet Noor. The Horchani family has been devoted, since the 19th century, to growing several varieties of thousand-year-old dates characteristic to the region. Our dates are unique in appearance, taste, aroma and quality, which ranks, today, as the best in the
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